Empowering Products

Adding accurate and high-fidelity AI to end products enhances the user experience, saves time, money, and more. Optimizing processes, reducing energy, enhancing productivity. At GML we strive to solve our customer's business problems with Life-Ready AI.

Welcome to a AI-Ready future, where consumer electronics, robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality devices, surveillance cameras and more, make us more effective. Welcome to an optimized future with AI at the Speed of Life.

Personalized Home Audio

Annoyance-free interactions
Crystal clear sound transformations

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Lighter AR Accessory

​Natural response systems
Miniature form factors​​

ar/vr image
surveillance image

Conscious Camera

Smarter monitoring
Compact designs
Privacy sensitive

Reactive Robot Arm

Higher productivity automation
Faster response times
Intelligent manipulation and grasping

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industrial automation image
drone image

Efficient Envoy

Faster obstacle avoidance
Fewer parts with monocular depth

Intuitive Companion

​Predictive intelligence​​
Safer deployments

robot image