InfoJOYment, Adding JOY to Infotainment

As humans, we have two major auditory communication systems. Speech gives us the power of language. The other system is music, which goes beyond language, culture and geographical boundaries.

Mahesh Makhijani

September 12, 2022

As humans, we have two major auditory communication systems. Speech gives us the power of language. The other system is music, which goes beyond language, culture, and geographical boundaries. Music, like food, or smell activates the circuitry of our neurological reward system, to shape our behavior from the earliest age. We indulge in the pleasures of music because of how it affects us. The combination of music and language gives us immense creative powers as humans which is cathartic in nature.

Imagine a world where you can experience music the way you prefer in your entertainment room or create a meme with drums from your streamed music in your car with some catch phrases or sing aimlessly with just the music from a string of your favorite playlist.

Imagine a world where you can clearly communicate with your intended audience in the presence of your loud family at home, or in a car with multiple passengers speaking, or at work in a meeting room with many participants.

Imagine a world where you can create your own calm voice as you communicate on a video conference call independent of how you feel or create an audio bubble around you that feels like the beach or overcome your hearing loss in any conversational setting.

All these experiences could span an implanted earpiece, to sound projection walls in your home, to personalized sound bubbles in your self-driving car. This new world is not too far away and parts of it are already here — and even more are on the horizon. This is an exciting new world, and we’re excited to help bring this to reality with Life-Ready AI.

Life-Ready-powered devices can now capture any audio stream in real-time, and blind source separate them into individual components of high quality leveraging the low latency and high-fidelity AI capability of GrAI VIP. These components can then be combined with user-defined attributes to either play back only a single component or mix of any of the individual components or enhance any of the components. Using these transformative capabilities in real-time, GrAI VIP enables a more natural engagement with your devices independent of the environment in the home, in the car or in the office.

With Life-Ready AI, OEMs can now design high quality, low latency, and more energy efficient portable speakers, in-home entertainment systems, automotive in-cabin experiences, headphones and accessories without relying on a plethora of low precision inference-based AI silicon solutions available today. By separating the individual components in real-time for any source, GrAI VIP essentially addresses the well-known "Cocktail-Party" problem with an elegant solution. This ensures crystal clear and stress-free communications on the go, in the home-office, or in the car.

Typical edge AI silicon do not provide the high fidelity needed for music and many audio-centric applications in an efficient manner at the edge. As we uncover the immense possibilities of AI to create applications that bring joy to our life, we have already realized, high fidelity, at low latency and power are key issues that must be effectively addressed to propel a new generation of consumer experiences for audio and multi-media. To deliver on the consumer expectations, these experiences need to feature highly personalized and responsive capabilities while supporting high levels of quality in the home, in the car and on the body as wearables. We call this Life-Ready AI.

Welcome to an AI-Ready future, where consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality glasses, and more, make us more joyful. By unveiling a world of audio decomposition on the go, replicable units of sound can now drive a cultural currency as strong as images and text for users at home, in the car or at work.

"You had me at Life-Ready AI"...Let the drums roll!

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