GrAI One unveiled at CES-2020 is the world’s first AI processor optimized for ultra-low latency and low power processing at the edge

Create magic on the edge with GrAI One

Ultra-low power, fully programmable neuromorphic computing for sensor analytics and machine learning – powered by brain-inspired technology.

  • Real-time response for autonomous action
  • Only architecture that can leverage sparsity at the edge for low power
  • Fully programmable with standard frameworks and languages

Enable cars, robots and drones to navigate our world with performance-to-power optimized AI for safety and convenience.


Bring intelligent cognitive AI to smart homes and smart phones, enriching everyone’s personal life.


Revolutionize smart health monitoring with wearable AI, practically invisible at minimal power.

Leverage Next Generation Neuromorphic Computing At The Edge

GrAI Matter Labs utilizes brain inspired neural network architecture to overcome the limitations of traditional Von Neumann machines and application processors. Our unique implementation is the only system that can leverage sparsity from an end-to-end perspective, a fully programmable approach for ease of implementation and offers ultra-low latency while preserving low power levels not feasible before. To learn more on bringing AI to every device at the edge get started with our GrAI One HDK and GrAI Flow SDK.

Our Team

Our global engineering team combines unparalleled research and industrial experience from neuromorphic computing to silicon design with entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to bring AI to every device on the edge

Management Team

Ingolf Held
Menno Lindwer
VP Engineering
Jonathan Tapson
Chief Science Officer
Mahesh Makhijani
VP Business Development
Orlando Moreira
Chief Architect


Lex Augusteijn
Kees Van Berkel
Atul Sinha

Board of Directors

Bernard Gilly
Nader Sabbaghian
360 Capital Partners
Henri De Meyer
3T Finance
Jean-Yves Muller


We are a fast growing fabless semiconductor company with offices in San Jose, Paris and Eindhoven. We offer our employees the ability to bring unique AI products to the market with tremendous growth opportunities in some of today’s hottest silicon technologies: Neuromorphic compute, Machine learning, and Artificial intelligence. Help drive the future of AI technologies inspired by the brain with your expertise.

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