Drive fastest response in power constrained edge systems

Drive fastest response in power constrained edge systems


Life-Ready AI Processor

GrAI One

World’s first accelerator chip that combines Dataflow architecture with sparsity to reduce compute operations by over 95%


World’s first Dataflow and sparsity-native System-On-Chip (SOC) delivering Resnet-50 inferences at ~1ms.

GrAI VIP: Life-Ready AI for Edge Devices
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Key To Life-Ready AI

Process only the information that has changed, which optimizes energy and maximizes efficiency, saving time, money, and vital natural resources.

Inference latency in milliseconds for PilotNet on hardware

GrAIFlow Development Kit

GML is making the GrAI VIP development kit available for companies seeking to develop products that behave naturally, interact meaningfully and preserve vital resources. The development kit along with the Model Zoo enables early adopters to utilize the unique features of Life-Ready AI.

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World’s first Dataflow and sparsity-enabled System-On-Chip (SOC) delivering Resnet-50 inferences in less than 1ms with Batch=1​

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