Life-Ready AI Processor

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Drive fastest response in power constrained edge systems

Drive fastest response in power constrained edge systems

GrAI One

World’s first accelerator chip that combines Dataflow architecture with sparsity to reduce compute operations by over 95%

Key Benefits_

  • Few ms inference latencies for audio and vision networks
  • 20 times better power efficiencies compared to alternatives at high fidelity
  • Uncompromising accuracy with 16-bit FP MACs
  • 8mmx8mm compact package with memory included for best BOM
  • Ready to use popular audio and vision networks for faster TTM
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Key To Life-Ready AI_

Ultra-Low Latency at Low Power

Process only the information that has changed, which optimizes energy and maximizes efficiency, saving time, money, and vital natural resources.
All numbers are estimated performance based on simulations of GrAI Core; Further optimizations in sparsity and voltage scaling would improve performance Sparsity is the level of correlation between frames. Actual hardware performance may vary.

Life-Ready AI Ecosystem_

Network of partners working together to provide comprehensive audio/video AI processing solutions to our customers.
Commercialization Partners
IP Vendors
Education & Research

Coming Soon...

World’s first Dataflow and sparsity-enabled System-On-Chip (SOC) delivering Resnet-50 inferences in less than 1ms with Batch=1​

Life-Ready AI is real.

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