Tools/Compiler Engineer

We are pleased to announce positions for Tools Engineers who will build tools that are dedicated to designing and programming our revolutionary AI engines embedded in our product SoCs. Your tools will drive ultra low-power devices in the remotest corners of the internet-of-things.

You will bring proven experience in architecting, designing, and implementing industry-strength compilers, constraint solvers, simulators, debuggers, run-time environments, and IDEs. These tools will enable highly efficient implementations of end-to-end AI applications on edge devices, such as security cameras, drones, cars, home automation systems, etc. The applications range from e.g. heart-rate monitoring to video analytics and autonomous driving. Experience with artificial intelligence is appreciated, but not required.


You will be responsible for tooling development in the broadest sense, ranging from hardware generators to integrated software development environments, including optimizing compilers for our neuromorphic processors.

Your tools will be applied in the development of families of artificial intelligence SoCs, in line with the requirements of various high-growth markets. Furthermore, the tools will be used by internal teams and customer teams to develop end-to-end applications on running on our artificial intelligence SoCs.


  • M.Sc or Phd in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field;
  • 5+ years of experience in e.g. compiler construction, EDA tools, FPGA mapping tools, instruction-set simulators, debugger development, IDEs, etc;
  • Detailed understanding of software development projects;
  • Excellent problem analysis skills;
  • Excellent communication skills in English (both speaking and writing).

Nice to have

    • Working knowledge of artificial intelligence, deep learning, and/or neuromorphic computing;
    • Experience with common requirements management practices;
    • Good understanding of hardware development and software development practices.